Explore Your Future

Thank you for supporting the October 2022 WoW! event.
We look forward to hosting the next one on September 26th, 2023 with you!

Great Falls College MSU
University of Providence
A Career Fair for 8th & 10th Graders in Great Falls

What Career Interests You?

Zone 01.
Are you interested in teaching?

Education & Teaching

Includes Education & Training, Health Services, Human Services, Hospitality & Tourism

Zone 02.
Are you interested in farm and ranch?

Ag, Food & Resources

Ag, Food & Resources, Architecture & Construction, Modern Manufacturing

Zone 03.
Are you interested in computers or arts?

Arts, AV Tech and Communications

Arts, Tech and Communications, Business Management & Administration, Finance and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Zone 04.
Are you interested in being a leader or public services?

Government & Public

Government & Public, Information Technology, Public Safety | Emergency Management, Transportation, Distribution & Logistics


We hope you will join us as a volunteer for Worlds of Work (WoW) happening on September 26th, 2023 at Great Falls College MSU and the University of Providence!

We need over 200 volunteers to make this event run smoothly and YOU can help us!

Worlds of Work (WoW) is an interactive and immersive expo providing local middle and high school students with hands-on introductions to career pathways within our community. WoW Great Falls offers 16 Career and Technical Education tracks for students to explore, from vocational opportunities and beyond, promoting awareness of exciting career opportunities and addressing local and community workforce needs!

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